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Waking up to something more

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I had a well-intentioned effort to teach my child responsibility and self-sufficiency. Being as she’s starting fifth grade, I thought it was an ideal time to get her an alarm clock, so she could get herself up and ready for school in a timely fashion. Parenting for the win, right? She picked out her ideal alarm clock, learned how to use it in record time, and we had a few beautiful mornings where she was up, ready, and down to breakfast with punctuality.

That is...until she figured out this little thing called “the snooze button.” Now, I have gone back to my role as alarm clock to a begrudging pre-teen. Truly, at this point, I am thinking of returning the doggone thing.

Now, us as parents hit the snooze button... all the time. Maybe multiple times...and no shame in that game. We’ve mostly figured out how to get ourselves up and functioning with the help of glorious coffee, and we go about the rest of our same old, same old day- laundry, dishes, remote learning, work, maybe a little baseboard cleaning, dinner, baths, and bed. There are some jolts we get from time to time that reset our natural everyday rhythm (ahem...quarantine), but mostly, we get into a new routine and continue to function and accomplish day to day tasks. Many of us crave the old normal...many have adjusted to a new one...but normal, regular, and consistency is what we bottom line want. We want that sense of rest that consistency brings.

But maybe, just maybe, as we go through the routine of every day- could it be we still might be asleep?

Doesn’t the monotonous routine of life existence sometimes feel as we are walking in slumber, hoping to wake up to something more? Like, routine all there is?

As my Pastor said on Sunday, “you don’t know you’ve been asleep until you are awake.” Have we been drawn into a slumber we don’t even know we’re in?

To be certain, there is a place for routine in our day to day lives...but if those routines and normals don’t have purpose, then we are just going through the motions, walking through life asleep.

Did you realize that you are meant for something more? Did you know that God came to interrupt our ordinary, normal existence and bring us life...and life abundantly? Abundant with more joy, more peace, more love, more purpose, and more destiny than what same old every day brings?

Christ followers- it is high time we wake up to the purpose...the more that God has for us. We need to stop hitting the snooze button, putting it off, and staying in our comfort and our routine.

Families, we need to wake up generational legacy. We need to look hard at how we are developing our children and leading them to Jesus. We need to look hard at the messages we are sending them, many times unintentionally, of where our priorities lie. It is time we wake up to the big, bold faith steps that we need to take and walk in obedience and service to God’s call. Generations depend on it. Generations will tell stories about it. Generations will see the faithfulness and goodness of God only if we wake up and live in it.

We need to wake up to the revival that is coming- the call back to God and completely and utterly abandoned to Him. There is more than what we are living out in our faith walk right now. Let it begin by starting to seek God in the consistency of your daily routine and watch purpose, passion, and victory unfold as we wake from our slumber and bask in the light of His glory leading us to more.

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