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The Blessing

This post is truly coming out of a place that is seeking and studying...going deeper into something that is truly extraordinary. But this is an adventure that we must take together, because it is what will lead to the greatest adventure of all.

I’m speaking of a blessing.

In recent years, the word “blessing” has been circulating, and I truly believe this is in divine providence. The definition of it being refined, refreshed, and drawn back to what it is meant to be. You see, a blessing is more than just giving thanks for a meal. It is more than just allowance or permission to proceed on a certain path. No, blessings carry a lot more weight than that.

A blessing is a prayer for God’s protection and favor. Throughout the Bible, we see blessings given from fathers to sons and from priests to people. There are many general blessings, such as in Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” But we also see specific blessings, like when Melchizedek blessed Abram or when Isaac blessed Jacob (thinking it was Esau). Those blessings were a precious commodity, given at the juncture between ordinary and extraordinary. We understand this because Esau really didn’t bat an eye at losing his birthright, but losing the blessing produced bitter weeping because that protection and favor was lost forever. A blessing is a commission and a release to go forth into the greater things that God has for those that are blessed. For extraordinary, great, creative, beautiful, and wonderful destinies that no doubt await the generations, we need to awaken those destinies with powerful words that speak them to life.

Blessings are truly special and not to be taken lightly. The beauty a blessing contains revives, repurposes, and transforms the blessed ones. So, shouldn’t we give these gifts to others? Our children? Our spiritual children? Our grandchildren?

Yes. Yes we should. Let’s learn how to give this gift.

  1. Reflect and remember your delight in your child. Ooooh, I could write a whole book on delight. Maybe I I’ll just leave it there! As you are preparing to bless your child, this cannot be a spur of the moment thing, as you are rushing from one thing to the next. Hold up your child in prayer, reflect on the blessing they are in your life, and remember all of the bajillion reasons you delight in them. Sure, you may have tears in your eyes, but awakening your heart the gift your child is will allow you to genuinely and powerfully bestow this gift of words upon their lives.

  2. In the Bible, we see that touch is an integral part of the blessing. Hold their hands or lay your hands on their shoulders to allow you to look at your child in the eyes as you speak words of life over them. Sure, it might be awkward, especially if this is not part of your ordinary routine. They may giggle or avert their eyes because this delight may feel too good to be true. But get past that! On the other side of that initial weirdness in some cases lies life-giving power.

  3. Keep your blessing short. We see so many blessings starting with the words “May you” or “may the Lord” followed by a simple, specific, and strategic statement. Each word must pack a powerful punch, speaking specific life into the destiny you see being called forth in your child. It may be a blessing of protection or provision or a blessing of strength and courage. Whatever the blessing may be, that blessing speaks strategically to where and why God is calling your child.

  4. Release them for the adventure that surely awaits them. You are blessing your child to see and do greater things of the Lord. The blessing is a word that will sustain them when the road is untraveled and when they can’t see ahead. The blessing you give will empower them when they want to give up. The blessing will remind them of their identity- not just as your child, but as a child of the King of Kings.

  5. A blessing can be given at any time, but not all the time. A blessing is powerful and meaningful but loses that power and meaning when it is commonplace. This is why we don’t have a birthday every single day. Prayerfully consider opportune times that a blessing is needed. Choose a moment that your child has an open heart and mind to the things of the Lord.

Can you imagine a generation rising up because they have blessed and favored? Can you see the adventurous pursuit and the life transformation that is coming? Can you see forward to a thousand generations that serve the Lord...that all started with a blessing?

I can. I see it. Let His favor be upon us for a thousand generations.

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