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Moments, Seasons, and Moving Forward

These words have been floating around more than usual in these past few months, and I think more than anything, they are meant to encourage us to remember that these strange, strange times are only temporary. That there is an end stamp. That there is something better beyond. We needed to be reminded that there is going to be an end to our isolation. That what we are currently going through will cease and life will be made new. The fact that there is an end in sight keeps us moving forward for that one day that things will get back to normal.

But, it still seems as if there is no end in sight. So what do we do in the meantime in what seems like a holding pattern? When we find out mere moments from school beginning that your district has switched plans? When our children are crushed under emotions that they are having a hard time verbalizing, let alone recognizing? When we are scrambling with a thousand pound weight on our shoulders that just seems to get heavier? When we just can’t see the bright, silver lining? When we wonder if there will ever be “a” normal again?

When all of those voices get really loud, like they currently are in many of our minds, it is hard to hear anything else.

Sure, we hear it is just a moment, just a season. But it feels like an eternity. And when we see, hear, and feel that anxiety, stress, and worry and bear the anxiety, worry, and stress of others, this season feels like it is taking more than it is giving. Our countenance changes. Our perspective shifts. Our families feel it. Our children start to act on it. And we can’t get out of the frustration that is only supposed to be temporary.

Or can we?

Friends, we are entering into a season like no other- the season of hiddenness. The season of just us and our families. The season of training and raising our kids beyond e-learning, remote learning, or whatever is happening at your house. The season of shifted focus and priorities that seems daunting, scary, and one that we don’t feel fully prepared for. The season of figuring out who will care for our children or how in the world we are going to actually get our children to learn something. Whatever this season may look like for you, one thing is certain- this season is new. And all new things are filled with wonder and promise when we begin to look at them differently.

While our hearts may not fully be there yet, let us fix our minds on one thing in this season. God is good. God is faithful. Even when we don’t see it, hear it, or feel it in our heart, we declare that God is good. We declare that God has good things... GREAT things for our families. We declare the truth that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We declare that we will be faithful with the children He has given us and nurture the seeds of destiny God has planted in them. We declare that we will nurture the gifts and talents that God has so wonderfully pieced together in them. We declare that God will fill our homes with unity and peace. When we fix our mind on things above- the Heavenly end goal for our families- we will begin to see this season, and every other season God has for us in light of eternity.

Let’s begin this school year, this season, with the reminder that great things are ahead. Let’s hold on to His promises. Let’s pray for God’s wisdom and strength. Even when our heart is lagging behind our mind, we pray that our thoughts will stay steadfast on Him. Friends, this is your golden opportunity to train up your children to REALLY know Jesus. This is your moment to show them that God is good. This is your time to call out those beautiful things that God has placed in your children. This is your season to delight in God and delight in your family.

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