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Making an Art of Blessing

It think it would do us some good to stop and reflect for a while before moving on to other thoughts. I feel my heart stop on blessing my kids...and I hope yours is as well. Delight in the Lord and our children is the first “D” of 3DLegacy. It is our why, our core, and our center of parenting. Giving our children a blessing speaks that delight to their soul and brings life to who God is creating them to be. However, as I’ve mentioned, giving a blessing to your kids can be awkward and clunky. We may be unsure as to what to say, how to say it, and if our kids will even understand what is happening. What better way to introduce your kids to a blessing than by getting them involved in the meaning and purpose of it?

To get over that initial uncertainty, consider giving an “open door blessing.” Here’s what you’ll need!

- Paper

- Colors (I used water color paints and paper)

- a separate color of paper (not white)

- glue/tape

- scissors

- marker


  1. Tell your kids to draw/paint what they see for their future. I had my older two keep it a secret from me until I put the door on. My youngest...well, I just had him paint.

  2. As they painted, I prepared the doors. I chose their favorite colors and cut a simple flap in the paper. I wrote their name on each door and a one sentence blessing on each.

  3. As my kids completed their pictures, we taped the paper on the painting.

  4. I read the blessing I wrote for each of my children to them, hugged them, then asked them to open the door to what they see for their future. Luke said his was personal...and Levi’s was snakes. (I guess we have to start somewhere)

  5. I said a quick prayer with them, reminding them that God has amazing plans for their future and that Daddy and I are praying for favor and protection on their lives.

Easy peasy... but so life-giving. Try this simple activity with your kids that will have long-lasting reach- not just for your child, but 1000 generations.

Watercolors for the win...they are so forgiving.

Letting the little one make a little mess.

Multi-faceted future...and she was even sticking her tongue out when she concentrates, just like Momma.

Simple, colorful door.

We had fun... despite Levi’s face.

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